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On January 1st of 2020, California Senate Bill 978 modified Penal Code section 13650.  P.C. 13650 now requires law enforcement agencies to post certain records on their websites.  The records listed in the statute are: all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act.  The San Jose Police Department has compiled these documents in our P.C. 13650 archive library.  Investigative, tactical, and security information has been redacted in accordance with existing law.

The statute requires that we post current records.  Whenever a record is modified, updated,  or replaced, the old record will be removed and replaced by the most current version.  Instructional materials will be removed when they are no longer taught by the department.

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  Becoming an Exemplary Peace Office, The Guide to Ethical Decision Making.pdf     1.41 MB  
  Ethical Decision Making Tools for California Law Enforcement.pdf     1.44 MB  
  LD_00_V-1.1.pdf     290.05 KB  
  LD_01_V-5.4.pdf     574.90 KB  
  LD_02_V-6.4.pdf     431.59 KB  
  LD_03_V-4.2.pdf     800.41 KB  
  LD_04_V-4.4.pdf     602.63 KB  
  LD_05_V-5.5.pdf     205.82 KB  
  LD_06_V-5.13.pdf     1.75 MB  
  LD_07_V-5.8.pdf     670.30 KB  
  LD_08_V-4.6.pdf     271.89 KB  
  LD_09_V-6.9.pdf     567.10 KB  
  LD_10_V-5.6.pdf     509.99 KB  
  LD_11_V-6.6.pdf     454.76 KB  
  LD_12_V-6.1.pdf     661.72 KB  
  LD_13_V-4.2.pdf     621.86 KB  
  LD_15_V-4.10.pdf     688.09 KB  
  LD_16_V-4.8.pdf     345.25 KB  
  LD_17_V-5.3.pdf     487.42 KB  
  LD_18_V-3.2.pdf     769.29 KB  
  LD_19_V-6.3.pdf     961.80 KB  
  LD_20_V-3.5.pdf     777.61 KB  
  LD_21_V-5.0.pdf     229.56 KB  
  LD_22_V-3.1.pdf     247.97 KB  
  LD_23_V-4.0.pdf     691.78 KB  
  LD_24_V-3.1.pdf     293.74 KB  
  LD_25_V-6.4.pdf     1.35 MB  
  LD_26_V-2.2.pdf     587.09 KB  
  LD_27_V-2.2.pdf     219.65 KB  
  LD_28_V-6.2.pdf     1.23 MB  
  LD_29_V-3.1.pdf     1.50 MB  
  LD_30_V-4.2.pdf     1.27 MB  
  LD_31_V-6.3.pdf     487.21 KB  
  LD_32_V-4.2.pdf     1.78 MB  
  LD_33_V-4.1.pdf     1.21 MB  
  LD_34_V-6.1.pdf     2.21 MB  
  LD_35_V-2.5.pdf     2.30 MB  
  LD_36_V-3.5.pdf     827.85 KB  
  LD_37_V-6.0.pdf     960.33 KB  
  LD_38_V-2.1.pdf     428.87 KB  
  LD_39_V-5.4.pdf     417.80 KB  
  LD_40_V-6.5.pdf     536.34 KB  
  LD_41_V-4.1.pdf     860.51 KB  
  LD_42_V-6.1.pdf     343.92 KB  
  LD_43_V-2.4.pdf     846.43 KB  
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