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On January 1st of 2020, California Senate Bill 978 modified Penal Code section 13650.  P.C. 13650 now requires law enforcement agencies to post certain records on their websites.  The records listed in the statute are: all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act.  The San Jose Police Department has compiled these documents in our P.C. 13650 archive library.  Investigative, tactical, and security information has been redacted in accordance with existing law.

The statute requires that we post current records.  Whenever a record is modified, updated,  or replaced, the old record will be removed and replaced by the most current version.  Instructional materials will be removed when they are no longer taught by the department.

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  Call Taking Procedures Lesson Plan.pdf     81.28 KB  
  Call Taking Procedures.pdf     2.31 MB  
  Child Abuse Lesson Plan.pdf     44.74 KB  
  Communications Policy Manual _ Redacted.pdf     14.15 MB  
  Community Oriented Policing PowerPoint.pdf     5.51 MB  
  Community Policing for Dispatcher Lesson Plan_Redacted.pdf     84.17 KB  
  Courtroom Testimony 2020.pdf     520.90 KB  
  Courtroom testimony LD 2 hours.pdf     47.86 KB  
  CPM122GiftPolicy.pdf     14.42 KB  
  Criminal Justic System ECO LD 101.pdf     31.81 KB  
  Criminal Justice System LP LD 101.pdf     63.06 KB  
  Criminal Justice System PowerPoint.pdf     4.78 MB  
  Cultural Diversity PowerPoint.pdf     2.67 MB  
  Customer Service Lesson Plan.pdf     41.34 KB  
  Customer Service.pdf     1.88 MB  
  Difficult pronounce & sound alike streets handout.pdf     31.66 KB  
  Disposition Codes.pdf     12.87 KB  
  Elder Abuse Lesson Plan.pdf     33.33 KB  
  Event Number Series.pdf     20.80 KB  
  FCC WARNING.pdf     31.57 KB  
  FIP PJ - PowerPoint.pdf     6.46 MB  
  FIP PJ Lesson Plan.pdf     51.72 KB  
  Fire Call Cheat Sheet.pdf     44.06 KB  
  Fire-EMS-Systems for PD - 2020.pdf     6.27 MB  
  Geography lesson plan.pdf     68.61 KB  
  Geography PowerPoint.pdf     6.19 MB  
  Hate Crimes Lesson Plan.pdf     40.60 KB  
  LD 1 - Ethics Keynote - Communications.pdf     6.58 MB  
  LD 1 - Expanded Course Outline.pdf     32.18 KB  
  LD 42 Hate Crimes.pdf     2.96 MB  
  License Plates.pdf     2.26 MB  
  MHN flyer 2016.pdf     796.66 KB  
  Missing Person Lesson Plan.pdf     41.40 KB  
  Missing Person PowerPoint.pdf     1.87 MB  
  Negligence_Redacted.pdf     3.30 MB  
  Negligent Performance Lesson Plan.pdf     27.13 KB  
  Officer Safety - Lesson Plan.pdf     44.32 KB  
  Officer Safety PowerPoint.pdf     5.21 MB  
  Policy & Procedures Lesson Plan.pdf     64.82 KB  
  Policy & Procedures PowerPoint.pdf     6.50 MB  
  Professional Orientation Lesson Plan.pdf     41.41 KB  
  Professional Orientation PowerPoint_Redacted.pdf     4.73 MB  
  Radio Procedures Basic Academy_Redacted.pdf     3.85 MB  
  Radio Procedures for Basic Academy - Lesson Plan_Redacted.pdf     46.35 KB  
  red cross flyer.pdf     912.11 KB  
  Release of Information Lesson Plan 05252020.pdf     57.17 KB  
  Release of Information PowerPoint_Redacted.pdf     1.17 MB  
  Resources and Referral Services PowerPoint 2020_Redacted.pdf     2.97 MB  
  Resources and Referrals Lesson Plan 2020.pdf     52.13 KB  
  Sexual Assaluts Lesson Plan.pdf     49.14 KB  
  Sexual Harassment Lesson Plan.pdf     38.99 KB  
  Sexual Harassment PowerPoint.pdf     3.56 MB  
  Streets that change names handout.pdf     29.62 KB  
  Stress Management Lesson Plan.pdf     31.49 KB  
  StressManagement-BasicAcademy.pdf     6.71 MB  
  Suicidal Callers Key Concepts & Techniques.pdf     737.15 KB  
  Suicide & Crisis Intervention 2019.pdf     1.86 MB  
  Suicide and Crisis Lesson Plan.pdf     227.86 KB  
  Systems Contol Type codes 2015.pdf     2.63 MB  
  Telephone Procedures Lesson Plan_Redacted.pdf     71.47 KB  
  Telephone Procedures PowerPoint_Redacted.pdf     3.46 MB  
  Text Formatting Basic Academy June 2020_Redacted.pdf     2.50 MB  
  Text Formatting Exercise_Redacted.pdf     1.55 MB  
  Text Formatting Lesson Plan.pdf     45.03 KB  
  Type Codes Lesson Plan_Redacted.pdf     76.42 KB  
  Type Codes_Redacted.pdf     11.85 MB  
  Workplace Communications_Redacted.pdf     7.32 MB  
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