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On January 1st of 2020, California Senate Bill 978 modified Penal Code section 13650.  P.C. 13650 now requires law enforcement agencies to post certain records on their websites.  The records listed in the statute are: all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act.  The San Jose Police Department has compiled these documents in our P.C. 13650 archive library.  Investigative, tactical, and security information has been redacted in accordance with existing law.

The statute requires that we post current records.  Whenever a record is modified, updated,  or replaced, the old record will be removed and replaced by the most current version.  Instructional materials will be removed when they are no longer taught by the department.

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  Airport_Unit Guidelines 2022_Redacted.pdf     1.34 MB  
  Assaults Unit Guidelines 2018 _Redacted.pdf     252.55 KB  
  ASU Operations Manual 9-22_Redacted.pdf     1.60 MB  
  ATU Officers Guidelines_ Redacted.pdf     1.35 MB  
  BFO Admin Unit Guidelines 2017_Redacted.pdf     939.21 KB  
  Bomb Squad SOP 2022 _Redacted.pdf     6.02 MB  
  BPU Guidelines 08.09.19_Redacted.pdf     300.65 KB  
  CAU Member Expectations 20180904.pdf     63.98 KB  
  CIU Procedural Manual _Redacted.pdf     444.26 KB  
  Covert Response Unit Guidelines Updated_Redacted.pdf     913.94 KB  
  Crime Prevention Unit Procedure Manual 2019.pdf     527.45 KB  
  CSO_Program_Manual[1]_Redacted.pdf     648.27 KB  
  DGC Unit Guidelines Final 020817_Redacted.pdf     10.28 MB  
  DSU Guidelines 2019 _Redacted.pdf     561.81 KB  
  EOD K-9 Guidelines July 2019_Redacted.pdf     713.49 KB  
  FCU guidelines 2019_Redacted.pdf     219.37 KB  
  FTO MANUAL June 2019.pdf     638.14 KB  
  FVU Unit Guidelines 2022_Redacted.pdf     1.10 MB  
  GIU Unit Guidelines 2019 _Redacted.pdf     482.40 KB  
  HOMICIDE UNIT GUIDELINES 2019 NEW (Revised August 2019) _Redacted.pdf     417.05 KB  
  IA Unit Guidelines 2023 update.pdf     750.98 KB  
  K9 Redacted 2-2022.pdf     890.33 KB  
  Main Lobby Manual Version 08-21-19_Redacted.pdf     1.16 MB  
  Mayor Protective Detail Unit Guidlines 08-06_Redacted.pdf     728.53 KB  
  MCAT Unit Guidelines (1)_Redacted.pdf     1.71 MB  
  Media Relations Unit Guidelines UPDATE 1-4-2024_Redacted.pdf     335.78 KB  
  MERGE Unit Guidlines Final 2022_Redacted.pdf     1,008.39 KB  
  Metro Unit Guidlines 12_1_21_Redacted.pdf     850.89 KB  
  Military Equipment Guidelines_Redacted.pdf     305.54 KB  
  OSSD_Policies_Guidelines_Redacted_Redacted.pdf     2.13 MB  
  Permits Unit Procedures Manual 2023_Redacted.pdf     668.73 KB  
  PERT Unit Guidelines (1)_Redacted.pdf     1.76 MB  
  PPC MANUAL August 2019- Revised _Redacted.pdf     1.50 MB  
  Procedure Manual Recruiting February 2019_Redacted.pdf     1.73 MB  
  Range Unit Guidelines (2015 Update).pdf     1.48 MB  
  Reserve Unit Procedures updated November 2018 Redacted.pdf     716.99 KB  
  Robbery Unit Guidelines July 2019 for R&D_Redacted final.pdf     627.21 KB  
  SAIU Unit Guidelines FINAL 2019-07 _Redacted.pdf     1.94 MB  
  SEU Procedures Manual 2021.pdf     166.70 KB  
  SJPD Gas Card Program Manual 5-25-18.pdf     155.85 KB  
  SJPD School Liaison Unit Manual_Redacted.pdf     2.33 MB  
  SOP- SJPD Property & Evidence Redacted 2019_Redacted.pdf     1.54 MB  
  SSU Operating Manual 2019-2020.pdf     199.24 KB  
  TEU Manual rev 9-2022_Redacted.pdf     770.68 KB  
  TNU Guidelines 2022 _Redacted.pdf     724.00 KB  
  TOW HEARING Manual updated 07.07.21_Redacted.pdf     313.85 KB  
  Training Division Guidelines _Redacted.pdf     50.30 KB  
  UAS Unit Guidelines 5-2023 - Final.pdf     202.49 KB  
  VCET Unit Guidelines 1-22 -_Redacted.pdf     233.18 KB  
  VCU New procedures manual 2019_Redacted.pdf     1.11 MB  
  Vice Unit Guidelines 2019 _Redacted.pdf     1.15 MB  
  VOLT Volunteer Guidelines.pdf     337.45 KB  
  Volunteer Guidelines.pdf     337.45 KB  
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